Winter Style Guide

Recent snowy conditions and blustery weather has called for a much-anticipated winter style guide. Trust me, I too have been forced to Ugg-and-puffer-coat the winter away, but fortunately, it doesn't take much to get through the cold months in style.
Here are LLS's tips and tricks:

Fur Gilets
A good fur vest easily goes over most winter ensemble, and so is definitely an essential. I like to wear my black one with more dressy outfits (i.e. a lace dress or a leather skirt) and my brown one with more casual ones (i.e. jeans and a t-shirt). Browse our Fur Gilet Guide for more tips.

Oversized Scarves
I have been particularly obsessing over these lately. Whether they're printed or plain, they can easily upgrade your entire outfit for a seriously effortless look.

Cut-Out Boots
Saved for drier climates, this is the perfect finish to any outfit. I love cut-out boots and the edge they add to an otherwise plain ensemble. 

Maxi Coat
A relatively new trend is the maxi coat. Incorporate it into your outfit for an exciting element. I used to own a black Karen Millen one that I gave away, but I'm considering ordering the Asos one in grey (a la Kylie Jenner.)

Chunky Knits
In all honesty, winter would not be the same without an oversized knit to cuddle up in. I've collected the basic ones in all colours (black, grey, white, red, green, you name it) so I'm branching out to ones with prints and embellishments.

So, are you ready to take on winter?


Balenciaga Beauty

I think you it's quite obvious by now that I have quite the weak spot for Balenciaga bags. I'm especially loving their Pompon leather drawstring bags. They seem like the perfect way to inject some cool into an otherwise plain ensemble. Shop these breathtaking beauts here


4 Celebrity-Inspired Holiday Outfits

Holiday season is finally upon and so is the stress of figuring out what to wear. I don't know about you, but in times like these, I look to my favourite trend-setters for inspiration. I have, therefore, gathered the best celebrity holiday looks and tried to recreate them into outfits I would wear to a Christmas dinner or a New Year's Eve party.
To anyone who's still trying to figure out what to wear, I present to you LLS's guide to holiday dressing - the celebrity edition!

Cara Delevigne in Velvet
For a recent party, Cara went for a velvet jacket with not much else. To recreate Miss Delevigne's simple look, I paired this New Look velvet dress ($18) with strappy Miu Miu suede sandals ($300) and a Mango flap clutch ($39). 

Jessica Alba in a Jumpsuit
 The always-gorgeous Jessica Alba also kept it simple with a navy blue jumpsuit and silver accessories. For this look, I opted for the Oasis Sienna jumpsuit in Blue ($105), pairing it with the Christian Louboutin 100mm Mariniere cage sandals ($1,050) and a Whistles clutch ($70). For some neck-candy, I chose a Coast Bella beaded collar necklace ($77).   

Olivia Palermo in Sequins 
Olivia Palermo's look was the most festive of them all, paying tribute to the #1 holiday element -sequins. Her look was recreated with a Vero Moda crop sequin top ($17) and a Dolly & Delicious blue sequin aztec skirt ($60). I opted for an unexpected pop of colour with those killer Ted Baker Elvena pumps ($185). 

Jaime King in a Slip Dress

Jaime's Gatsby-glam dress was a show-stealer. Slip dresses were huge this year so why not opt for one this season? I paired this sexy River Island slip dress ($62) with Dolce and Gabbana suede pumps (on sale for $440!) and a Tamar Suedette clutch ($25). 

So, which look was your favourite? And what outfit do you have in mind for this season?


LLS Returns with a Bang!

Oh, how I've missed you my dear readers.
The past few months have been an absolute mess and I have been quite the busy bee. As you may or may not know, I moved to the UK and started university in September. Obviously, that has come with some of the biggest changes I've had in my life, which has forced me to take a little break from blogging. However, the much-regretted hiatus wasn't all my fault - for some strange reason, the blog couldn't be accessed from the network my dorm! Every time I tried logging in, I'd get an error. I've only recently figured out that that was because I was trying to access it with the .com TLD rather than the .co.uk one (hooray!)
I'm finally home on Christmas break now, done with all my exams and ready to bring back Lace and Lipstick Stains with a vengeance. I'll be here until mid-January, and will carry on with my daily posts until then, but once I'm back in the UK, I'll sadly only have time for a few posts a week.
I've also finally had the time to do some much-needed renovating on the blog. Alongside many small tweaks, I most drastically changed the categories. What used to include Trending, Loving, Tips, Beauty and Shop has now become either Lace, Lipstick Stains and Everything in Between. I have been planning on making this change for quite some time as I think the idea goes so well with the blog name. You go to the Lace page for all thing fashion, the Lipstick Stains page for all things beauty and the Everything in Between page for everything else including collaborations and posts like these. I've also had the banner changed and the blog name darkened and adding the tagline above instead of the former Zaha's Personal Style Blog.

Are you ready for the new and improved LLS? Tell me what you think of the changes in the comments below!


Backpack Comeback

A star item in the 80's, and our #1 back-to-school trend is the sporty but truly chic backpack! Recently seen in the Fall collections of some of the most celebrated fashion houses, carried by top models and stylish icons, and on the backs of our favourite celebrities - this throwback bag is coming back with a vengeance.
Derive inspiration from the photos below on how you can carry this bag into back-to-school season, for an edgy off-duty vibe:

How are you going to be sporting this trend?


Everyday Beauty Essentials

As students, ain't nobody got time for an entire beauty routine every morning, while rushing to head out on time for your 9am class. Which is why, having these dependable makeup products on hand can help keep you both organized and looking great:

1) Concealer: Concealer has always been a more crucial product to me than foundation. It's much easier and faster to apply and looks natural. But one must be very careful when choosing the right shade for their skin, as a small mistake can go horribly awry. Experts recommend going 2 shades lighter than your skintone. My favourite is the Nars one in Vanilla. It retails for $29.
2) Brow Pencil: "Nothing shapes a face so beautifully, or gives an instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows." I was blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, but I always need a good pencil to shape them. I find the Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil to be pure magic! It retails for $30.
3) Blush: Possibly the most under-stated beauty product, blush actually does a lot in bringing softness to the face and make you look healthier and younger. I personally love Mac's Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet, So Easy because it look much more natural than other blushes I've used. It retails for $29.
4) Mascara: Out of everything on this list, nothing comes close to mascara in importance. It's a magical product that adds volume and colour and instantly makes your pop! I personally recommend the Diorshow one, although I admit it could be a little dramatic, it's perfect! It retails for $40. 
5) Lip Liner: A frequently over-looked product when it comes to makeup is the lip-liner. I, like many other, used to think it was only to be used with lipstick to prevent bleeding and help the colour last. But, recently I've been using it by itself and I absolutely swear by it! It's so easy to apply and contours the lips beautifully and lasts forever!! I used to have a Seventeen one that I can't find anywhere anymore, and so now I've replaced it with Smashbox's Always Sharp. It retails for $20.
6) Bronzer: AKA the easy way to fake a post-vacation glow! A bronzer is essential in every girl's makeup collection. I use Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder in Telluride, which retails for $40.
7) Lip Balm: Goes under the lip liner, and makes your lips look full and lush. I love Maybelline's Baby Lips one, but you can get any other tinted one if you're planning on wearing it on its own. It retails for $2.50.

What are your back-to-school beauty essentials?


What's in my School Bag?

It is #BackToSchool week here on LLS, and we are kickstarting it with the classic What's In My Bag post! Weird is that I do remember doing a short WIMB post last year, I just can't seem to find it anywhere. Oh well...
With college approaching faster than you can say sleep-deprivation, I decided to put together a WIMB post, giving you a peak into my college bag and helping you organize yours:

Laptop - Sunglasses and Case - Phone - Gum - Notebook and Pen - Wallet - Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter -  Ear Phones - Phone Charger - Wet Wipes - Dry Shampoo -  Hand Lotion - Hand Sanitizer - Body Spray - Lip Tint - Mascara - Concealer - Compatible Mirror - Notebooks and Text Books.

So, are you excited for Back To School season? What are your everyday-bag essentials?