Palermo's Part I

Out of all the options we imagined style queen Olivia Palermo in, the day she ties the knot, this three-piece Carolina Herrera dress was not one of them. However, I am head over heels in love with this unexpected twist on the traditional wedding dress! She paired the dreamy ensemble with a fresh-faced look, slicked back ponytail and blue Manolo Blahnik pumps.
I know we were all hoping for a more elaborate couture confection, which is why the couple stated that this intimate ceremony was only "Part I", which means that "Part II" will likely cater to all our fashion wedding dreams.
Congratulations to the hot couple!!

What do you think Part II has in store for us?


Totes De Rigueur

Being an avid carrier of clutches, cross-body bags and mini satchels, making a switch to big fit-all totes just in time for university, I'm having a hard time finding a bag that caters to my every need. I'm on the lookout for a gorgeous, high-quality one that can fit anything from my everyday necessities to books and even a light-weight sweater.
Right now, the options are down to the following:

Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Neverfull, $1,180
Emporio Armani Large Shopper, $600
Ted Baker London Tote, $460
Ivanka Trump Croc-Embossed Tote, $171
Zara Mini Shopper, $60
Mango Herringbone Bag, $40

So, which one do you like best?


What Shoes You Should Wear With Your Skinny Jeans

To all skinny-jean-lovers out there (which is basically everyone) who struggle with footwear choices, we hear you. We, too, sometimes put together the perfect little outfit, squeeze into a pair of skin-tight jeans and hit a dead end when it comes to shoes. Strappy heels feel too dressy. A pair of flats feel too 'simple'. Ankle boots feel too bulky. The list goes on. 
Sweat it no more ladies as I have put together a little guide which will surely help you stylishly overcome this dilemma the next time:

Skinny Jeans X Sneakers
Perhaps the most on-trend look right now, and my personal favourite. On casual days, I wear my skinny jeans with a slouchy tee and a pair of Converse sneakers. AKA my go-to daytime ensemble.

Skinny Jeans X Strappy Heels
Dress up your skinny jeans with a pair of sexy strappy heels! For this one, you can wear the pink Zara ones I was obsessing about the other day.

Skinny Jeans X Pointed Flats
Although my sisters always make fun of me for it, I still do collect pointed-toe flats. And so should you! They are the perfect shoes to dress up a rather casual look, while still looking sleek and simple.

Skinny Jeans X Flat Sandals
Flat sandals are the ideal choice if you're heading to a brunch or a coffee. A cool trick to remember is to get flat sandals in light and bright colours to avoid look too bottom-heavy.

Have we solved your issue?


Dreamy Denim

With the summer heat literally immersing us this season, it's almost impossible for us to imagine squeezing into our dark-wash jeans, and prefer light-coloured ones, instead. So, let's invest in the fresh take on denim this time around, for it is a definite summer wardrobe essential!
Check out the following photos for inspiration on how to don this season's staple:

Who's ready to get their white denim on?


Poolside Talk

 As you can probably tell from the recent absenteeism, I've been pretty busy lately. After landing an internship at a local fashion magazine, my previously-blogging-dedicated mornings are now filled with endless researching and styling at the office. It's honestly a wonderful opportunity that helps me get up close and personal with some of the greatest fashion writers and stylists in the country, and maybe pick up some tips from the best, so I'm not complaining at all! And now that it's the weekend (and Ramadan is almost here!!!) I'm finally getting to some serious writing! I'm working on some posts that will be published here throughout the week, as well as some articles for the relaunched 4Youth Magazine. Of course, this is all being done from the comfort of my poolside paradise, with a peach iced tea in my hand, and Lana Del Rey's new album on repeat. Así es la vida!
Say, what have my lovely readers been up to?


Summer Hair Fixes

Although I recently jumped on the short-hair bandwagon, and chopped off my beautiful long locks (pic coming up soon, I promise!) However, I, too, still suffer from that horrible summer heat! The greasiness, the sweatiness and the stickiness are all truly pains in the butt! Luckily, the problem we ladies (with thick hair) have to deal with every year is about to come to an end - and no, I'm not saying this with a giant electric shaver held up in my hand, but cute hair-ties and bobby-pins!
Check out my go-to summer-hair fixes below:

High Ponytail with a Twist
Not only does this easy hairstyle take the hair away from your face and the back of your neck, and it still looks cute and pulled together. Step-by-step tutorial here.

Braided Into a Bun
A messy bun on its own is overrated - add a french braid for a little extra something a la Jessica Alba. You can find the tutorial here.

Milkmaid Braids
This hairstyle perfectly combines my love for Lolita and braids. Easily create this look by separating your hair into two sections, braiding them both and pulling them up together over your crown, securing them with bobby pins. Here's a step-by-step pictorial.

Tuck and Cover
I believe this is actually the easiest and least time-consuming hairstyle on the list. All you have to do is tuck strands of hair into your headband and voila! Click here for a more detailed guide.

What are your go-to summer hair fixes?


Pantsuit Power

Move aside men, it's time for the ladies to wear the pants now! Over the years, the pantsuit has evolved and slowly made its way to our weekly trend post. You don't need a corporate job to wear one now, as they have become more fierce and youthful.
Here is some inspiration on how you can rock a pantsuit:

What are your thoughts about this week's trend?