Backpack Comeback

A star item in the 80's, and our #1 back-to-school trend is the sporty but truly chic backpack! Recently seen in the Fall collections of some of the most celebrated fashion houses, carried by top models and stylish icons, and on the backs of our favourite celebrities - this throwback bag is coming back with a vengeance.
Derive inspiration from the photos below on how you can carry this bag into back-to-school season, for an edgy off-duty vibe:

How are you going to be sporting this trend?


Everyday Beauty Essentials

As students, ain't nobody got time for an entire beauty routine every morning, while rushing to head out on time for your 9am class. Which is why, having these dependable makeup products on hand can help keep you both organized and looking great:

1) Concealer: Concealer has always been a more crucial product to me than foundation. It's much easier and faster to apply and looks natural. But one must be very careful when choosing the right shade for their skin, as a small mistake can go horribly awry. Experts recommend going 2 shades lighter than your skintone. My favourite is the Nars one in Vanilla. It retails for $29.
2) Brow Pencil: "Nothing shapes a face so beautifully, or gives an instantaneous lift quite like perfectly shaped eyebrows." I was blessed with naturally thick eyebrows, but I always need a good pencil to shape them. I find the Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil to be pure magic! It retails for $30.
3) Blush: Possibly the most under-stated beauty product, blush actually does a lot in bringing softness to the face and make you look healthier and younger. I personally love Mac's Cremeblend Blush in So Sweet, So Easy because it look much more natural than other blushes I've used. It retails for $29.
4) Mascara: Out of everything on this list, nothing comes close to mascara in importance. It's a magical product that adds volume and colour and instantly makes your pop! I personally recommend the Diorshow one, although I admit it could be a little dramatic, it's perfect! It retails for $40. 
5) Lip Liner: A frequently over-looked product when it comes to makeup is the lip-liner. I, like many other, used to think it was only to be used with lipstick to prevent bleeding and help the colour last. But, recently I've been using it by itself and I absolutely swear by it! It's so easy to apply and contours the lips beautifully and lasts forever!! I used to have a Seventeen one that I can't find anywhere anymore, and so now I've replaced it with Smashbox's Always Sharp. It retails for $20.
6) Bronzer: AKA the easy way to fake a post-vacation glow! A bronzer is essential in every girl's makeup collection. I use Bobbi Brown's Bronzing Powder in Telluride, which retails for $40.
7) Lip Balm: Goes under the lip liner, and makes your lips look full and lush. I love Maybelline's Baby Lips one, but you can get any other tinted one if you're planning on wearing it on its own. It retails for $2.50.

What are your back-to-school beauty essentials?


What's in my School Bag?

It is #BackToSchool week here on LLS, and we are kickstarting it with the classic What's In My Bag post! Weird is that I do remember doing a short WIMB post last year, I just can't seem to find it anywhere. Oh well...
With college approaching faster than you can say sleep-deprivation, I decided to put together a WIMB post, giving you a peak into my college bag and helping you organize yours:

Laptop - Sunglasses and Case - Phone - Gum - Notebook and Pen - Wallet - Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter -  Ear Phones - Phone Charger - Wet Wipes - Dry Shampoo -  Hand Lotion - Hand Sanitizer - Body Spray - Lip Tint - Mascara - Concealer - Compatible Mirror - Notebooks and Text Books.

So, are you excited for Back To School season? What are your everyday-bag essentials?


(Mis)Match Made in Heaven

When it comes to nail polish, we were always led to believe that it is improper to have different-colour manis and pedis. However, I've recently been seeing a lot of mismatching going on in that department. It's obvious that that was an old rule that no longer applies.
As you probably already know, I never liked the whacky nail things people do these days (different colour only on one nail, nail designs, ombre nails, etc.) so I guess, this is my version of switching it up.
Here are my favourite colour combinations for mismatched nails:

Black and White
O.P.I in Black Onyx, $12 - Nars in Ecume, $29

Blue and Grey
Dior in Blue Label, $25 - Topshop in Grey, $8

Pink and Orange
China Glaze in Shocking, $9 - Deborah Lippmann x Lara Stone in Double Dutch Orange, $18
Purple and Teal
O.P.I in Rumple's Wiggin', $12 - Butter London in Sprog, $15

So what do you think of mismatching nail polish? What other combinations do you think look nice?


Things I Learned Working at a Fashion Magazine

I recently wrapped up my 3-month internship at the most prominent fashion magazine in my country. Quite frankly, the job had lots of ups and downs, but in retrospect, provided me with many opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise.
So, here are my two cents on what it was like for me to be in the fashion business - the things I learned the hard way phrased in a manner to help guide you to make the best of yours:

It's Not All About Designer Dresses and High-End Shoes
Although I knew that working at a fashion magazine involved a lot tedious desk work, I originally thought it would be a lot more glamorous. Don't get me wrong; I had my fair share of the fabulous fashion life, but little did I know that a lot of long research and writing goes into it. A lot! However, it really is the most rewarding feeling when you see your name in the credits next to something you worked on.

Learn to Speak Up
To be honest, I'm not the shyest person around, but during this job, there were always times where I felt that I should keep my mouth shut because the others probably knew what they were doing more than I did. WRONG. The fashion industry is extremely competitive, and unless you learn to speak up and voice your opinions, you're basically going to be pushed to the sidelines and not be taken seriously. 

Dress Practically
You might want to skip those 6" heels and bandage skirts - chances are you'll be crawling on your knees packing trunks for photo-shoots and climbing ladders to organize items on shelves. Don't get me wrong, you do need to look presentable, and this job does give you a chance to dress well everyday without being judged for it. Just remember, comfort comes first. 

Be Organized
Despite what you may think, your creativity is not enough. You will need to be incredibly organized, resourceful and systematic with your thoughts. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and if you're disorganized, your job will be impossible. And on shoots, you always need to be 10 steps ahead of your boss.

Don't Take Anything Personally
Luckily, I was blessed with an incredible boss who was always kind and helpful. However, I did run into some Miranda-Priestly-esque characters on the job that proved that some things are funnier in movies than they are in real life. Learn to let it go, and not take everything personally. After all, they do have shit to get done.

Don't Quit
This goes hand-in-hand with the point above. It's natural to make mistakes, and it's natural to be screw up every once in a while. After all, you're there to learn, so don't quit. Get back up and fix those mistakes.

Almost Everyone in the Office Has a Level of Eccentricity You Can Not Fathom
Learn to embrace yours.

Have Fun!
Working at a fashion magazine can be tough - some people come out of it feeling like they can conquer anything, and many come out feeling hazed. If you're in it for the right reasons, you'll learn to appreciate and even laugh about the littlest of thing. I personally came out of my internship with amazing memories and great friendships. 

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making this an unforgettable experience for me.


Glossy Pouts

A beauty trend I have been excessively channeling lately has got to be a favourite of mine - a high-shine glossy lip! Just before I head out the door, I make sure to glaze my lips with a show-stopping sparkly finish. I like to do it in fresh summer hues during the day, and dark glamorous tones at nighttime.
Here are my favourite colours when it comes to my summer lip glosses:

Pretty in Pink
LancĂ´me Juicy Tube Lip Gloss in Miracle, $18
(I own one in Simmer that I can't live without!)

Coral Craze

Stila Lip Glaze in Fruit Punch, $22 on Amazon.com
Creamy Nudes
Napoleon Perdis Lip Gloss in Cafe Au Lait, $23
Rich Reds
Butter London in Come to Bed Red, $18
Dark Depths
Urban Decay High Gloss Lip Colour in Apocalypse, $20

What colours are you sporting this season?


Weekend Getaway Essentials

I'm slipping out of the office a bit early this week, getting ready for my much-needed weekend getaway. I was in the middle of packing when I decided to make a post about the things I make sure to bring with me on these short summer vacations (aside from the obvious things like everyday clothes, underwear, PJs, toiletries, sunscreen, makeup, etc.)
So, if anyone else isn't sure what to pack for a last-minute weekend trip, I hope this post is of use to you!

Straw Hat
Topshop Floppy Hat, $50

White Denim Cut-Offs
Juicy Couture Jean Shorts, $126
Oversized Tank Top
Alexander Wang Loose Tank, $141

Versatile Dress
H&M Beach Dress, $10
Slip-On Shoes
Stella McCartney Cameron Espadrilles, $275

Fit-All Tote Bag
Fossil East/West Tote, $98 $73 (ON SALE AT NORDSTROM!)
Printed Light-Weight Scarf
Forever 21 Palm Tree Scarf, $8.80
Anti-Frizz Hair Spray
Oribe Anti-Humidity Spray, $39
Lip Balm with SPF
EOS Lemon Drop, $3
Poolside Read
I'm currently reading We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.

Do I need to add anything else to the checklist? What do you pack for your weekend getaways?
Hope you guys are having a fun summer!