Poolside Talk

 As you can probably tell from the recent absenteeism, I've been pretty busy lately. After landing an internship at a local fashion magazine, my previously-blogging-dedicated mornings are now filled with endless researching and styling at the office. It's honestly a wonderful opportunity that helps me get up close and personal with some of the greatest fashion writers and stylists in the country, and maybe pick up some tips from the best, so I'm not complaining at all! And now that it's the weekend (and Ramadan is almost here!!!) I'm finally getting to some serious writing! I'm working on some posts that will be published here throughout the week, as well as some articles for the relaunched 4Youth Magazine. Of course, this is all being done from the comfort of my poolside paradise, with a peach iced tea in my hand, and Lana Del Rey's new album on repeat. Así es la vida!
Say, what have my lovely readers been up to?