What Shoes You Should Wear With Your Skinny Jeans

To all skinny-jean-lovers out there (which is basically everyone) who struggle with footwear choices, we hear you. We, too, sometimes put together the perfect little outfit, squeeze into a pair of skin-tight jeans and hit a dead end when it comes to shoes. Strappy heels feel too dressy. A pair of flats feel too 'simple'. Ankle boots feel too bulky. The list goes on. 
Sweat it no more ladies as I have put together a little guide which will surely help you stylishly overcome this dilemma the next time:

Skinny Jeans X Sneakers
Perhaps the most on-trend look right now, and my personal favourite. On casual days, I wear my skinny jeans with a slouchy tee and a pair of Converse sneakers. AKA my go-to daytime ensemble.

Skinny Jeans X Strappy Heels
Dress up your skinny jeans with a pair of sexy strappy heels! For this one, you can wear the pink Zara ones I was obsessing about the other day.

Skinny Jeans X Pointed Flats
Although my sisters always make fun of me for it, I still do collect pointed-toe flats. And so should you! They are the perfect shoes to dress up a rather casual look, while still looking sleek and simple.

Skinny Jeans X Flat Sandals
Flat sandals are the ideal choice if you're heading to a brunch or a coffee. A cool trick to remember is to get flat sandals in light and bright colours to avoid look too bottom-heavy.

Have we solved your issue?


  1. Love wearing skinny jeans with sneakers or pointed flats! Great pictures!


    1. Out of all the options, they're definitely my go-to these days as well!

    2. Out of all the options, they're definitely my go-to these days as well!

  2. I love this post Zaha, you are so creative with your blog ideas! I have now learnt new ways on how to wear my skinnies. Thanks for your insightful comment :)

    1. Aw thank you Sam!! It means a whole lot coming from you!! :)

  3. love this post :)

  4. Me encanta cada uno de los looks. Sientan genial
    @AndreeaCarro www.MiPerchaPesa.blogspot.com

  5. Great advice ! I love to wear skinny jeans with Converse shoes and also with heels ! Kisses

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  6. I love your style so much~ ;A; Great ideas and great photos<3 I love all of these outfits!
    --Kiyomi xx